A frustrated French artist has dedicated his life to becoming a great master painter and take his place amongst the renowned artists of all time. But his dedication becomes an obsession, and he  decides to create a mural of all of the world’s greatest known artworks—hoping that this homage to the great masters of the past will cement his place in art history forever. The fury and passion of his ego overflows into the creation and manifests itself in the painting as THE ART JUMPER; a direct symbol of his alter ego depicted as the focal point of the painting.  

In a rage of fury, The artist sets the mural on fire— Through the flames, THE ART JUMPER leaps out of the burning canvas. Now, preternaturally bestowed with the ability to travel through time and space, using the paintings as portals, THE ART JUMPER begins a quest to restore his home by retrieving items from the actual famous paintings that inspired the mural. It is the only way he will find peace.

With special ops marine, Bro Mancini, Me Tsu Yun and Ivan Putinski by his side, THE ART JUMPER must raid the museums of the world to steal the famous artworks and rebuild the home he once had in THE ARTIST’s mural.  


The Player RPG, as the Art Jumper, must retrieve famous works of art and artifacts from Museums and Art Galleries all over the world to rebuild a huge mural destroyed by fire. He is assisted by Me Tsu Yun, An Art Historian/Curator, Special Ops Marine, Bro Mancini and International Russian Art Thief, Ivan Putinski.Challenges: Difficulty increased each stage of the game, as gamers need to parse high security systems, to break into Museums and international Art Galleries as well as combat security guards and artists. A high performance reality look and feel, complexity jumping through time travel, as master works of art come alive when the art jumper gets into them. A highly educational game that takes players to International geographic venues, through medieval periods,  present time and to space infinitum. Morphing, regenerations, period weapons & nemesis abound. A game for all ages!